28 February 2017


Hello ,

Today's card is full of colors and positive vibes. I love it so much, that makes me wanna dance. It takes some time to do the stamping, but MISTI from My Sweet Petunia does the perfect job. I use this stamping tool, because I always get great stamping results.

These colors are stunning. If you need ideas for color combos, check out google or the patterns around you. You will get great results with some patience and inspiration. Don't rush. If you lost your mojo, go through your crafty stash and get inspired by the little things around you.

 Have a safe day! Thanks for stopping by!



27 February 2017

Tassel banner


Fiind o saptamana noua si sfarsitul lunii februarie, m-am gandit ca ar fi frumos sa realizez o mica decoratiune ca pentru party. Eu astept primavara cu mare drag si sper sa vina cat mai repede. Am folosit cateva materiale pentru a realiza acest banner din ciucuri de hartie. Super usor si poate fi folosit la diferite evenimente sau doar ca un mic decor pentru spatiul dvs.

Am folosit materiale de la DACOart.. Ii puteti gasi si pe facebook pentru mai multa inspiratie.

Hartia de matase este foarte delicata. Daca nu ati mai lucrat cu acest tip de hartie, aveti rabdare si grija pentru ca se rupe usor. Mie imi place, mai ales ca se pot realiza multe lucruri frumoase din acest tip de hartie.

Materiale :

Cutter lucru manual CR108
Planseta taiere A4 PL400
Hartie de matase pastel (HR916)

26 February 2017

Grow Laughs

Happy Sunday,

I love going through my mini crafty stash and pick up things I forgot about. I made this beautiful card,using a gorgeous stamp from Wplus9 and  the distress inks  to add some color and texture. Of course I had to stamp a few layers to get the best result and for that, I used MISTI from My Sweet Petunia.

I hope you like today's card as much as I do. If you have questions, please let me know in the comments below. Have a great day!


Hand Stitched Nested Rectangles    *NEW Lovely Lavender   MISTI 

23 February 2017

Your birthday!


We finally have sunny days over here in my hometown and that's great, because I get good vibes to create things and go for walks. Today I have a new Whimsy Stamps creation to share. I have a few stamps I never got to use and I found this beautiful '' Birthday beauty'' design. So adorable!

Someone asked if I don't get tired to draw so many lines. My answer is no. This is a great way for me to relax and give the look I want to my coloring. Whimsy Stamps has so many beautiful stamps and you can either do simple stamping or take it to another level by doing coloring.

If you like today's post and want to see more inspiration, check out Whimsy Stamps blog. Thanks for stopping by!


 Hand Stitched Borders  It's a Party Enamel Dots 

21 February 2017

Paper cactus plant


Today I have something different to share. I like plants, but I don't think I can really take care of them. My mom has a big passion for them, but not me. However, I had to try this idea, that I had and the result is wonderful. I really love it and many think is a real cactus! Well,is actually only paper.

I used a few supplies to create this beautiful fake plant. Tonic Studios has a great collection of dies and if you think outside the box, you can build some beautiful projects.  Have you tried the NUVO collection? I love it! I hope to grow my mini collection, because the products are great quality.

I hope you get inspired to try new things. Thanks for stopping by!


Sew Pretty - Pinhole Nesting Layering Circle Die Set - 524E  Circle Layering Die Set - 481E  Nuvo Jewel Drops - Key Lime - 645NNuvo Jewel Drops - Key Lime - 645NNuvo Jewel Drops - Key Lime - 645NNuvo Jewel Drops - Key Lime - 645N645n_product_1000_rgb

18 February 2017

Stationery accessories


Daca data trecuta am facut ceva dragut si romantic pentru Valentine's day, azi a revenit cu ceva dragut cu aer de primavara. Materialele de la DACOart iti inspira primavara si aer proaspat. Exact ce lipseste acum. Asa ca, de ce  nu incepem sa aducem primavara in alta forma?

Am realizat un note pad magnetic , folosind o bucata de mucava ca baza, hartie decorativa, un magnet si un cleste decorativ pentru a tine hartia in loc, pentru a scrie mesaje sau notite.

Daca detineti un jurnal sau o agenda si aveti multe agrafe de hartie, dar vreti ceva mai simpatic, le puteti transforma,folosind mici decoratiuni. In cazul meu, am folosit forme de oua mici cu sclipici si am dat forma de floare. Sunt adorabile si de efect.

La DACOart gasiti materiale pentru lucru manual, atat pentru cei mici cat si pentru adulti. Puteti vizita pagina de facebook pentru mai multa inspiratie.

Cam atat pentru azi. Va astept in curand cu o noua postare. Sa aveti un weekend calduros! 


 LC050- Silipici
 Floricele pe campii (HR921)
 Fîl-fîl  - AD107
 Magneti mari MG020
Cutter lucru manual CR108
Planseta taiere A4 PL400
AD183 perlucele autoadezive
E veselie! DACOart - AD235

16 February 2017

Happy Birthday


Do you buy or make birthday cards? I make, but I don't always get the time to mail them or the people I know, don't really keep birthday cards. Pretty sad, right? Well, I save and keep all birthday cards I get , because they are very special to me. I made a birthday card today, pretty simple one, but very cute.

When I'm in a rush , I like to use the MISTI tool from My Sweet Petunia, to stamp my design, because I can do it really fast and always get the perfect result. For small cards, Mini MISTI works really great! I love it!

You can get your MISTI now for a very good deal. Check out the website for all details. I can not wait to try the new Creative Corners from them. I will try to make a video once, I  have them. Plus the price is really good.

If you like today's card and you want to see more of my work, please come again. Have a wonderful day!


 MINI MISTI   Hand Stitched Nested Rectangles   Everyday Mini Sentiments

14 February 2017

You give me butterflies

Hello there,

Happy Valentine's day for those who celebrate this holiday! I have a new card today, with the love theme, but I think it can be used for mother's day easily. I used supplies from Tonic Studios. Playing with glitter can be fun! Make sure you don't wear black clothes, because it goes everywhere, but still no big deal. I enjoy it!

I used the inlaid technique probably for the first time, I really like it and I plan to do it again. What do you think?

If you haven't tried the Nuvo collection from Tonic Studios, then you must! They have a great selection of glitters, paste, drops and so much more.  I love them!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


https://tonic-studios.co.uk/product/patterned-panels-vibrant-damask-1330e/Nuvo Pure Sheen Glitter - Rose Gold - 718NNuvo Pure Sheen Glitter - Blue Sapphire - 726N      543n_product_1000_rgb  766E_PRODUCT_1000_RGB 

10 February 2017

Hello, my friend!

Hello there,

Unfortunately, I missed the Whimsy Stamps February release, because the customs in my country is a bit too messed up and my package was way too late. However, our team has some beautiful projects for you. Check out the blog for all new designs and inspiration.

I think this is my very first or second time coloring onto kraf cardstock. I really like it! You must give it a try! So super cute!

By the way! There is a Craft Retreat with Whimsy Stamps. If you want to spend some time with amazing and talented crafters, you should do it! I wish I lived closer. It will be so much fun! You can find all details over here.


Hand Stitched Nested Rectangles  Bold Statements  Hedgehugs 

08 February 2017

Thinking of you

Hello there,

Today I feel a bit colorful. I got inspired by wings and feathers to create the card below. Also, this is a great way to use your ink pads. The rainbow combination works really great, if you have a few ink pads.

I used MISTI from My Sweet Petunia to make the stamping go faster and to double stamp where needed. If you want to take the opportunity to have a MISTI, now you can get it on a very good price. Just check out My Sweet Petunia for all details.

Some of the stamps or supplies I use are out of stock or no longer on the market. But you can go through your crafty stash and use whatever you have.

I like to read your comments. If you have questions, please let me know in the comments below. Have a wonderful day!


MISTI   524E_PACKED_1000_RGBHand Stitched Nested Rectangles    Everyday Mini Sentiments 

05 February 2017

Love is in the air


Sper ca aveti o duminica placuta. Azi am revenit cu o noua postare pentru DACOart, cu tematica pentru Valentine's day sau Dragobete. Un cadou inedit pentru cineva drag sau de ce nu , pentru a decora spatiul dvs. in aceasta perioada.

Pentru aceste decoratiuni, aveti nevoie de rama, hartie pentru fundal,scobitori si inimioare din setul AD219-Decorici mici de la DACOart .In acest set gasiti cateva inimioare din fetru si cu sclipici, numai bune pentru a decora aceste rame. LC050- Silipici este perfect pentru a lipi bucatile care necesita adeziv.

Am fost inspirata de jocul XO si de sageata lui Cupidon, insa exista alte posibilitati de-a folosi aceste inimioare.

Daca doriti sa aflati mai multe detalii despre DACOart, va rog sa vizitati pagina de facebook. Sper ca v-a placut postarea de azi. Va astept si data viitoare. O zi minunata!

03 February 2017

Miss you, my friend!

Hello there,

They call this month ''the month of love''. Well maybe that's true. But I don't think you need a month for that . However, I got inspired to create a card, using a cute winter image from Whimsy Stamp, that can be used for Valentine's day, Mother's day or BFF. It's up to you , how you want to use these  beautiful stamps from Whimsy Stamps.

If you need some inspiration, our design team has some wonderful ideas for you. You can visit the blog for all details. If you have winter stamps or any other holiday stamps, try to use them for any other projects.Maybe you can find small details to fit your theme or project.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

Warm Hugs Birds  Everyday Mini Sentiments  *NEW It's a Party Enamel Dots 


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