29 March 2010

My new baby -The crop-a-dile

What beautiful day!I just received my new crocodile ( crop-a-dile) from Claudia http://www.claudiasstudio.blogspot.com/.

I wanted this toy so much so thank you Claudia!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!
Great to use with : paper,fabric,leather,plastic,chipboard,wood, thin metal etc.

26 March 2010

In loving memory of Somer Thompson

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You'll never know dear how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away.
The other night dear as I was sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms.
When I awoke dear I was mistaken
And I hung my head and I cried
.( Bing Crosby - You Are My Sunshine )

It was an honor to participate in Sarah's ("kaczsk" on YouTube)call-out to create a mini-album for Diena Thompson, mother of little Somer Thompson who was abducted and killed in October 2009 while walking home from school. I was very touched and moved by Somer's story...so sad....Please visit Somer's website to learn more about her story at www.rememberingsomer.com.

In her memory I created a tag and a small card.

Her favorite color was purple.I tried to incorporate this color into this tag and card but in very small quantities.
Here are more detailed pictures...

this is my first tag so I do not know many techniques about it!

I started with a simple white tag then added a text from an old book( romanian book).I got this paper with angels from Meda ( I think that is wrapping paper)Perfect because Somer has a twin brother and sister.

I finally used Prima Flowers and love 'em!I used the message: ''An angel to become a ray of sunshine''.Her favorite song was: You are my sunshine. (Beautiful song)
I made this tag with much love especially because it is a special story and is the first time when something / someone deeply affected me.

Here is the condolence card for her family.

I created this envelope with musical notes because I was inspired by her favorite song.

I hope you enjoy this project, created for someone special.
R.I.P Somer Thompson!

With love Lollyrot

23 March 2010

I love you Card

Heya! I'm back with the second project...

I made this card for a challenge.I had to use at least 3 of the colors, one of the elements, and one title.
Colors - Pink, Brown, Black, Green, Lemon, Red

- Cupcake, Ice Cream, Owl, Flower, Bird

Title - I love you, Happy Birthday, Thank You, Spring, You're Sweet Like a Cupcake

if you want to take part to this challenge then check out this website: http://teenswapclub.ning.com do it for fun and be creative!!!

Zahra bouquet

Hi all!!!is finally 23.It's time for a new project! actually there are two ,but this is the first one.This bouquet is for a friend. Her name is Angela and I wanted to make a decorative bouquet for her office.I think that is perfect for a young lady so I hope you like it.
Here you can see more details about how I started this bouquet.
***in this picture you can see how I made the petals***

***For an elegant look use beads,pearls or bling blings***

***for the stems I used grill sticks***

15 March 2010

OH ! my... GOODIES!

I am very happy!I finally received the package with goodies! I like the products and I will definitely buy more next time. But until then I bought these amazing things!

*** Pink Paislee -Mistletoe & Co. Collection
*** Pink Paislee - Reindeer Games * Acid & Lignin free
*** Making Memories Mistletoe, Diecut Mini Red Dot

***Inkadinkado Clear Stamp Skulls
***Inkadinkado Clear Stamp You're invited tickets
***Imaginisce Cherrish Snag 'em Stamps

***Basic Grey 6 x 6 Paper Pad, Eerie
***Prima Flowers and butterflies( From Meda: http://handmadebymeda.blogspot.com/ Thank you Meda!)

Zahra-Paper Flower 2 New tutorial

*** if you want to see the first tutorial here is the link :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dhh5TThlT54 ***

I can't say that I'm love with the flowers, but I like to make paper flowers.So if you follow my blog or my Youtube channel lollyrot7 then perhaps you remember the first paper flower that I made.My new flower is called Zahra<(The meaning of the name Zahra is 'white flower'/Arabic Origin).If you want to do this flower here the video tutorial. I hope you like it.

12 March 2010

Elephant-drawing 30x40

Hello to everyone.This post is not about scrapbooking, craft etc...I just want to show you my new drawing.I could say that it was a challenge for me, because I never drew an elephant(before hahahah).But it was good just because I tried and had a great time.

This drawing is dedicated to Iza,because she had the idea.See you soon with new projects:)

08 March 2010

Sunshine Award

I just received an award from http://arinaatelier-handmades.blogspot.com/This is a game with rules.SO if you want to be in the game then you must follow these rules:

1. To post this award!
2. To offer the prize to 12 friends!
3. Displaying their link!
4. Give them the news in a comment on their blog!
5. Must write from who is this award!

Thank you a lot for this award!!!!!The Sunshine Award goes toooo:

1 http://handmadebymeda.blogspot.com/
2 http://www.officialamh.com/
3 http://babyakasha.blogspot.com/
4 http://creation-faeries.blogspot.com/
5 http://hartiacolorata.wordpress.com/
6 http://liastampz.blogspot.com/
7 http://scrapbookyanimales.blogspot.com/
8 http://huxtershouse.blogspot.com/
9 http://scrapbookemporio.blogspot.com/
10 http://hainutecolorate.blogspot.com/
12 http://kendalleskreations.blogspot.com/


07 March 2010

Robot tag

Today is March 7th .. so it's time for a new project.I don't have the energy of a robot today.I'm still sleepy and tired and it's Sunday .... BORING!
Honestly I can not be sad, tired, or angry when I see these cute robots.I had a great time when I made the sketch for these robots.I don't have a robot stamp so I thought it is a good idea to make a''stamp'' using pencil and marker.My boyfriend is in love with these cute robots and asked me to do a digital sketch for children.
You can do anything you want if you really want that thing. Make a list of your ideas,supplies,and don't give up easily just because you don't have a stamp,ribbon so on,just be creative .Any questions? Write me a comment or e-mail: nanny_pink07@yahoo.com.

03 March 2010

''Purity and innocence''-drawing (sold)/Eternal bloom and Clover Card

Warm rain drops on my skin,fresh air moves the trees singing a soft lullaby,as butterflies dance among the flowers,spreading the sweet fragance of spring.I walk along towards home,just letting my mind wander.This is the only time of year that I truly feel alive.

Talking about butterflies, I sold one of my drawings a few days ago.I'm happy for it but I miss my creation...is so hard to say ''Goodbye''.

I received an order from a friend of mine.He wanted a handmade gift for a girl and I asked him : What would you like? and his answer: I trust you!because I have no idea!
OK! That was a challenge for me..so I made a flower(brooch) I also did a box for this flower and inside the box I added a motto.(in romanian) ''Frumusetea intelectuala nu inseamna a sti multe, ci a sti ceea ce trebuie; frumusetea sentimentala nu sta in violenta pasiunilor, ci in naturaletea lor; frumusetea plastica nu se afla in perfectiunea exterioara dupa tipuri sculpturale, ci in concordanta formelor cu purtarea, ce constituie viata proprie a unei femei. ''By Angel GanivetI made for my friend Anca a card of spring.I wanted to make a simple and nice card and I think it came out very cute!

01 March 2010

Flowers and happiness

''Primavara incepe cu tine,
Prima ploaie de vara nu tine,
Prima dragoste nu, nu se uita niciodata
Prima raza de soare cand vine incalzeste iubirea din mine,
Prima dragoste nu, nu se uita niciodata''"Holograf - Primavara incepe cu tine"( romanian song)
Welcome spring!I started this week with a smile !!!!Can you believe that I am so happy today?! Is spring (my favorite season) and I want to enjoy every day of the season.I am very proud and happy because I got flowers today ,the first day of spring.In Romania we have a tradition...since March 1 until March 8 each person receives flowers and gifts(mostly women) from children,husband, cousins, parents, neighbors and so on.
so I got flowers from daddy and my nephew Robert.Do not know yet ... but I have to find a nice gift for Mother's Day.
I wish you a beautiful spring!!!!


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