29 August 2014

Make a wish

Hello blogcreatures,

Halloween can be cute not just scary. I had a good time colouring a beautiful stamped design from Whiff of Joy. For today's creation I made a tag. Actually this is a pretty large tag. You can create large tags and use them as cards and also to decorate the gift.

Craft Hoarders Anonymous Challenge


26 August 2014

Cold Norway

Hello blogcreatures,

Norway it's such an amazing country, but I must say I didn't feel like I was at home. Whenever, I get the chance to travel I wait for that feeling '' FEELS LIKE HOME,BABY!''. This time it was just cold feeling.  I am sorry for any norwegian crafters, but people there are cold just like the weather. Not friendly, sociable or kind.

The nature is just simply amazing. Not so different than Romania. However, I would like a house in the norwegian style.

While I was in Norway, I challenged myself to go on a boat. I am so scared of deep water, but since this chance can come once in a lifetime, I had to do it. But I wouldn't do it again.

 I really liked the street market. I got a few things from there. Really great things for awsome deals.
 This world is so small. Few years ago I met Daniel online and I never thought that I will get to meet him in Norway. We didn't plan anything, it just happened. Also, I went shopping at Panduro. I must say , is no longer my favorite craft store.

Hope you had a great summer time. Now let's go back to work and wait for other holidays.

25 August 2014

Mini Maleficent

Hello blogcreatures,

Have you seen the movie Maleficent? Oh I really loved it! Whiff of Joy has stamp that looks like baby maleficent. Of course, the real design is from the Zodiac stamp collection. If you are alike me,you can find inspiration in movies and music. Use your crafty stash to create scenes from movies, etc...

For updates, feel free to check out my Facebook page and for more Whiff of Joy inspiration check out the blog.


21 August 2014

4ever young

Hello blogcreatures,

Ok, let's forget the age for a moment and think about all beautiful moments in our lives. When we are happy, it feels like Heaven. This makes life much easier and nicer. For today's creation, I made a clean and simple card. The message is the key.


18 August 2014

Cute Chef

Hi blogcreatures,

I must say, from now on I must sketch my projects. The only reason for that is: I always waste so much paper and I really don't like this feeling. For today's creation I made a 3D card. Really adorable using Whiff of Joy supplies.

 I really like this type of cards. I should create more in the near future. Way too adorable.

Below you can see the basic template for this card. If you want to create a similar one, follow the template below.


16 August 2014


Hello blogcreatures,

How are you doing today? I have a new beautiful card to share with you. If you are in the mood for crafting, you can join our new Lia Stampz challenge. The new theme is : crown. Use a crown or anything that looks like a crown on your project.

For today's card I used a beautiful design from Lia Stampz called Buttercup. Please visit the shop and the blog for more details

14 August 2014

Candy jar

Morning blocreatures,

Because I'm away , I couldn't spend much time on today's creation. However the idea is really cute and I might go back to it and re-create another one. Recycling is such an amazing process and if you do it right then, the result is going to be beautiful.

You can use this idea and create your own using Sizzix dies. Always check out the website for new goodies and sales.


London, you are beautiful!

Hello blogcreatures,

Yes, London is really a beautiful town. First, I thought Rome was my favorite town, but now London is the one. In one day, I got to see so much beauty. However, this place is too busy for me, but it does feel like ''home''.

I couldn't look for craft stores, because my time in London was very short. I really enjoyed walking around and I spent my night at a great hostel, where I met friendly people. If you are afraid of something, then you should let it go and just do it.

I couldn't belive that it's FREE to visit the big museums in London. How amazing is that? They have really beautiful and interesting things to look at. So if you ever go there, make sure you check them out.

Oh well, I think my words mean nothing.The emotion is much stronger. Don't miss this place, if you get the chance to travel. 


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