Mini Maleficent

Hello blogcreatures,

Have you seen the movie Maleficent? Oh I really loved it! Whiff of Joy has stamp that looks like baby maleficent. Of course, the real design is from the Zodiac stamp collection. If you are alike me,you can find inspiration in movies and music. Use your crafty stash to create scenes from movies, etc...

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  1. I love your coloring, this is really gorgeous, which technique are you using?

    1. thank you. The techinuqe I'm using is called: flicking

    2. I can see that, but I can't see the lines of the stamps, what kind of ink are you using?
      This is so beautiful, I'd like to give it a try.

    3. Oh! For that I use the no line techinque: I use a super light ink to stamp the main design. In my case I use Archival Ink - Coffee ( but you can get a lighter colour)

  2. Nobody else has such an amazing and distinctive colouring style! Looks amazing, Jo x

  3. Just delightful, Maria! Love all the texture, and, of course, that is a gorgeous image beautifully colored!


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