14 August 2014

London, you are beautiful!

Hello blogcreatures,

Yes, London is really a beautiful town. First, I thought Rome was my favorite town, but now London is the one. In one day, I got to see so much beauty. However, this place is too busy for me, but it does feel like ''home''.

I couldn't look for craft stores, because my time in London was very short. I really enjoyed walking around and I spent my night at a great hostel, where I met friendly people. If you are afraid of something, then you should let it go and just do it.

I couldn't belive that it's FREE to visit the big museums in London. How amazing is that? They have really beautiful and interesting things to look at. So if you ever go there, make sure you check them out.

Oh well, I think my words mean nothing.The emotion is much stronger. Don't miss this place, if you get the chance to travel. 

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