Keep the crafty stash clean, organized and practical.

Hello there,

Having a hobby is so much fun,but it also means an invesment of money and space. Nearly 10 years ago,when I first got started,I had no idea how expensive this hobby will be. There are so many products on the market,but do you really need them all? No!

Because I had no idea about the large community and the different styles of crafting, I wanted to try them all. And so I started with cardmaking, papercrafts, sewing, mixed media and so on. Of course slowly I was interested in all those supplies and I wanted to try them out.But when do you stop?
Once you find your own style, in my case at this point is cardmaking, you will notice the exact supplies you need and use the most.

You will reach for the same pair of scissors, markers, glue and so on.So,you don't need to have extras if you hardly ever use them.

Having a small corner in my bedroom is very tricky,but I also feel lucky,because the small space makes realise the limit of the supplies I can keep.

Here is a quick list of the supplies I have, that I hardly ever use :

  • pattern paper
  • washi tape
  • ribbon
  • mixed media mediums
  • colorful embossing powder
  • glitter
  • different embellishments
 I keep these still,because I want to use them. If I don't use it in the next 6 months, then I will get rid of them .

 I store my supplies  in boxes and drawers. That means I have a box for dies, a box for glitter, a box for ribbon and so on. Once it gets full, it means that I have to get rid of some to make space for the new ones. I often go back and declutter my boxes and drawers,not because it got full,but because I really don't see the point to keep things I hardly use or never used. I prefer to give it away or sell it if is in a great condition. 

Even if you do this as your job, you still have to declutter your stash.Not only because you will run out of space,but because you will have to keep up with what's new on the market and most likely the old ones will not be as popular or you will even forget that you have them.  
Once you find a product you like and you notice that you use it a lot,it means the other ones need a new home or throw them away.

Don't get attached to materials that will deteriorate. 

The supplies you need to get rid of :

  • stamps that are no longer in good quality / retired stamps
  • tools that are no longer practical 
  • different types of glue
  • dry ink pads and markers
  • scraps of paper
  • embellishments
  • dies and embossing folders that are not good quality or never used
  • duplicates
  • the ones you have for years or longer than 6 months and never used 

How to organize your supplies:

If you have your own crafty space, then organize your supplies so you can easily see them and have easy access.Because I keep mine in boxes and drawers, I have labels for everything, so I know where everything is and what exactly keep in those boxes. 

I store my dies based on the theme,not brand : holidays, nature, decorative,basic shapes,etc... If you find it easier to declutter your stash,then you can set a number of how many you want to keep. Maybe you have 10 sets of flower stamps,but you like or use only 7. I'm sure you can still cut down on those and end up with 5 sets of stamps you actually really love and make sure you use them. 

Organize your supplies,by colors, theme, brand ,shape, texture.etc..See what works the best for you. Also, try to stay away from those big sales and releases. Buy only if you really don't have anything similar in your stash and you really want it,because it's practical and not just cute!

Remember, when you buy a new thing, you have to get rid of another one. You can always go back and see what you really don't like or use. I often find it easier,if I can't decide now,but I want to get rid of something, I go back to the same box or drawer few weeks later and it is much easier to take the final decision. 

Hope you find this post helpful and if you have ideas, please leave a comment below. 

Thank you for stopping by! 
Have a lovely and creative day!