19 January 2013

Ribbon Spool / recycle

Hello blogcreatures,

It's been a looong time since I made a tutorial, right? Well I have three reasons. I don't really like my camera , the lighting is not great during the winter and I hate using the lamp.

I use tape... well a lot! I really don't like to waste anything...so I keep the plastic thing from my tapes.
I really like this ribbon spool. Wish  I had all my ribbons like this *smile*.  Anyways, check out the new tutorial ! For any question please leave a comment below . Thanks!



  1. Ooh, looks beautiful.

    Have a great weekend, Maria xx

  2. What a great idea, wonder why any of us have never thought of this before, as it´s just so obvious to use this for our leftover ribbons and it looks so cool and sort out a big messy problem for all of us, I think. Thanks so much for sharing it with us here.

    1. thank you! You can use bottle plastic caps etc

  3. stunning!! what a great tutorial...i just popped over and subscribed too :D xx

  4. The image on the circle, is that a stamp or a chipboard piece? I know the flower one on the other side you stamped, just curious about the one with the little sign. I like it and if its a stamp would like to know who's it is. Thanks

    1. Hei Deb! It's been a long time!

      The image is from Arina Atelier. This is a digi image .You can get it from here


  5. Wow it's really nice...Excellent work you did. I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. Keep sharing more.



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