30 May 2012

When I don't craft....

....I draw or paint.

Hello blogcreatures, 

I don't really like natural flowers ( please don't judge me) but I love making flowers. I love floral patterns , especially  shabby chic and vintage . JUST BEAUTIFUL!
So today I made a new and quick painting.
(Click Image)
(Click Image)
What's your hobby? Hope you enjoy this blog post. If you have any question , you can leave a comment below. Thanks ! 
Have a great day!


  1. Well, I love flowers but in a garden ! I don't like to cut them. I have to confess that this paint is really nice ! I would love to paint like this. Do you use it as card after or store them? When I don't craft, my hobby is to knit or crochet... but I do not have a lot of time for this ! lol

    1. That's so nice! I can't knit:( but I like sewing. I will save this painting and maybe I will buy a cute frame for it , but I m not sure yet.

  2. This is gorgeous - love the vintage/shabby chic flowers you have drawn - very talented you are.
    DS4J DT Member
    Doing Life

  3. I love flowers Maria! Painted or real. Real more... especially for the intoxicating fragrance they give off when there's a breeze. Your painted flowers are amazing!! You are very talented and gifted! If I am not crafting or being a good hausfrau.... LOL then I love to read.... I have a huge library at home. And I love to hang out at thrift stores. That's where I get most of my books. Have a beautiful creative day my friend!

    1. Awsome Christina! I would like to have your hobby but trust me .... me+books = no patience:D have a wonderful day!

  4. this is totally beautiful. i would buy a nice frame for this photo. its gorgeous. love the details. i love flowers too. on mothers day i bought carnations. have gotten or bought flowers in over 10 years so i thought it would be nice to get some. i love making them too. id rather look at them in a garden of flowers. beautiful work again!!!


  5. So beautiful!!!



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