21 August 2010

''Finally together'' / Some things to share

Hello  bloggers!
it's absolutely insane around her...(ok give me 1 sec)
OK! It's time to clean tons of dust in here and share with you all a bit (more) of the amazing  vacation I had ...but first of all I want to thank you  all for your lovely comments!I know, I have been gone for a couple of days(ok...weeks) but now I am back  and I have so many things to share ...
The first thing I want to say is that I am official student...Yep!I will study publicity. Unfortunately I had to give up on my dream.....even if  I passed the most important exam.But next time it will better.
 The second things is....
                                                                (picture taken by Saky)
we are finally together ( live) not only chat.You guys were very curious who is my boyfriend so now you have  the chance  to see some pics of us.Well it all started last year ( April 4 2009)when we had our first conversation on chat and here we are now  , finally together even though he lives in Norway and I in Romania, we're ok with it  because is pure love...even if I am a little devil.
                                                                  (picture taken by Saky)
We spent three wonderful weeks together and can not wait to meet him again on Christmas.
 I am not a big fan of cooking...but I love to cook for loved ones.So I had to try something new.I love Taco! It's so YAMMY!!! I also tried chinese food and lebanese food.Good taste but I prefer something spicy than sweet or salty.
 I can not resist...I love shopping but I 'm in love with home decor stores .So I got some goodies from Moha ( actually his name is Mohammad ) and from Saky.Thank you so much!!! I love everything more than I show (laugh).I did not wanted to take pictures ...so I made a quick video to show you  what I got.

 Saky asked me to do something special for her boyfriend,because it was his birthday.I made some decorations for cupcakes( of course if it s about cupcakes ... then it's my pleasure !) 
Lately we baked the cupcakes and OH MY!

Thank you for taking your time to drop by and visit my blog, I really appreciate!
What do you think about relationships over the internet? 
Do you think internet relationships are fantasy or reality?


  1. I think realtionship over the internet is just like a test or like a difficult exam that both of them should be involved .In time they will have the chance to know each other and speak more about the lifetime, stuff. Actually I'am agree with the relationship on the internet because I ve seen many people who got such a happy life with their partners and I think that in our lifetime these thinks work a bit better than before

  2. Nici nu stii de cand pazesc blogul tau! Abia astept sa vina toamna si sa vii la Cluj! Vad ca ai fost la Ikea si eu am fost in Ulm si mi-am luat rafruti pentru borcanele tale :).

    Iti sta super cu Moha. Ma bucur ca in sfarsit v-ati intalnit. Eu am fost putin mai norocoasa cu prietenul meu de pe internet ca era deja la studii in Cluj :), da las ca nici Norvegia nu e asa departe :P

  3. I think relationship over the internet works but only if they met after..if they stay in relation like for ever and didn't meet eachother that's a fantasy ...becoz once they meet it becomes reality.

  4. Haha :) nici n-am vazut postarea asta... era prin august cand ma simteam foarte aiurea :).

    Foarte foarte dragut va sta impreuna!
    Parca imi amintesc si eu ca ieri cum ne-am intalnit si noi pentru prima data... a fost putin ciudat sentimentul de "te cunosc dar nu te-am intalnit niciodata". Stiu ca am fost foarte "cu capul in nori" cand a venit prima data in Romania :)... pe urma a fost din ce in ce mai bine.

    Cred ca ti-am mai spus cum e cu relatiile pe internet... e foarte greu si despartirile sunt aproape insuportabile...dar daca treci peste toate astea si inca mai rezista relatia n-o sa regreti niciodata :). (aici ma dau pe mine ca exemplu...n-as fi putut sa-mi gasesc un sot mai bun si mai potrivit pentru mine nici daca-l cautam cu lumanarea cum zice bunica mea).

    Eu va doresc tot binele din lume si la cat mai multe intalniri IRL :)

  5. Your boyfriend is so handsome and you are a very beautiful young lady. My son met his girlfriend on the internet. She lives in the East of the US and we live in the West. He visited her for vacation in April and not he will be moving to the East in Jan '11. The parents are allowing him to live in their spare bedroom until he gets a job and can save some money to get a place of his own. They plan to get married in a year if all works out well.

  6. HI
    You are vary good why you not happy?



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