29 May 2010

My precious toy.

Lindt chocolate, sweet nightmares and memories... let's go to the river...''You can't  always get what you WANT but if you try sometime you just might FIND/You get what you NEED! Rolling stone- You can't always get what you want.''
What a great week bloggers! I'm home alone for 2 weeks!YAY! *smile* I WOULD love to live alone ,no parents,no stress just me and my little oasis. I got my precious toy! Pink and white....no  noise... does magic using paper. PAM PAM!
 I ♥ it!Yes my dream has come true!I wanted this toy for a long time and I finally got it. Is my birthday gift!( my bday  is not yet...but there is not much time left..)
Is precious!I do not believe it I've received so quickly and only because of  YOU( 're always there when I need you and do not think a simple'' Thanks '' is enough so don't be surprised if you receive handmade cards and more)Is exactly what I wanted !
 I keep my cuttlebug plates in this pretty handmade clutch.Unfortunately my sewing machine is broken so I had to do it by myself.
 This solution is great for me to keep all the plates neat, accessible and portable.I will be away for several days.I am leaving tomorrow to Cluj Napoca .Have a great weekend!

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