23 July 2010

Memories....Welcome to hell !

Hei Bloggers!
I keep worrying about things and instead of relaxing on my day off I just go over and over everything in my head... Good job, crafting room is always so welcoming and I can find my refuge there. I don't like tea or coffee only hot chocolate. I got this cute teapot from  Saky as a gift for my bday. Really good inspiration for  my projects( I LOVE PINK!)
Here is a notebook I made for Saky.''All of my memories keep you near.In silent moments imagine you IN here.All of my memories keep you near.IN silent whispers, silent tears.'' - W.T Memories.When it comes about Saky the most important details are: photography, nature,green,memories and writer. It  was quite easy for me to do this notebook,because I already know what she likes.
 I have realised that making cards for men is not that difficult! the only thing is - keep it simple!But I do not really like simple things.

Yup this is a Surprise Pop-Up Card.I love it!I made this ''crazy'' card for my boyfriend.He'll be coming to visit me next week so I made him  this welcome card.Have you ever thought to use a spoon to decorate a card?Well I did it this time and maybe  I will  make a necklace using a spoon,I am sure will be fun.

Finally ,you can buy : bookmarks, cards,post-it notes ... more to come soon.
 I do not have a bank account....YET! but soon I will make one.
Thank you everyone for dropping by my blog, I really appreciate your visit. Wish you a great day and all the best for the weekend!

14 July 2010

Baby mini album & Love game tag

Hi everyone!
Today I’m having a wonderful day. I'm going to scrap soon, but first I want to share my latest projects.The first thing I'd like to share with you is this Baby mini album.
Ehrm...I don't really like to make mini albums! But I made this mini album for a special occasion.I like the cover! By the way I always make my own templates  because I don't have sizzix die or cricut.So the car is one of my handmade templates.
 I think this is my favorite page!I like how it came out...
 Can you see the  pig charm?! so cute! I just added some ribbon and the album is finished!
Sometimes at night I get bored so the best thing I can do  is to try new things.So I made a new tag for my new project '' All about memories''.If you want to learn how to color your paper doily , check out my video tutorial .

I used food coloring.You can find this to your local store and you don't really need glimmer mist...so just try it!
Last and not least I would like to share with you my new precious baby!So another dream of mine has come true. I am so happy! I just bought a guitar! YAY!
Thank you for dropping by, and wish you a great week!

09 July 2010

Red lips / All about memories # 2

''Those lips of hers have seen many and have hurt many .She is the true con artist of women seducing men left and right.It is not a trick it is only a game.'' by FreociaCoutura
Hey  bloggers! Today i'm excited to share another 6 x 6 layout.As you know I've started already a new project called: All about memories. So here is the second  layout.
I tried not to add more embellishments because the paper is already detailed.The paper that I used is from Basic Grey-Eerie paper pad.
 If you don't have a calendar stamp then use an old calendar.
OK!I think I found a new hobby.I want to collect watch mechanisms.The first victim was my mother's old watch.*laugh*maybe I was inspired by my grandfather's watch.
''Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart, and mind, confidence is the key to all the locks''. Joe Paterno
love keys! I found the big key in my father's closet....I hope it's not a good key..*smile*.
Check this out: there s a new challenge  at Cuttlebug Challenge:Your challenge is to create a card, layout, altered item or home decor project which includes lace or doilies and embossing.
Thank you everyone for dropping by my blog, I really appreciate your visit. Wish you a great day and all the best for the weekend! *hugs*

07 July 2010

All about memories...sneak peek

The years have passed by so quickly.It's from the past that we learn from our mistakes...that shows us which road to take and why.It's the past that controls us all.Memories. They could be anything. A smell, a taste. Whispered secrets, broken bones. Whatever they become, they make us who we are.
It's in the middle of the week, and it s time for a new project. This new project is called: ''All about memories''.There are many memories that  I do not want to lose them...My first trip to Italy ....sweet memories with my best friend,boyfriend and BN . My favorite place...the river and more.

 Here is the first page. I love Victorian style... beauty and mystery.Unfortunately  I don't have vintage materials , like: buttons, postmarks or fabric.I also  used my new handmade flower. ( this is a  6 x 6 inch layout).
 Maybe I'll add some tags not only layouts.*smile*.
Thank you for dropping by, and I wish you all a wonderful day! 

01 July 2010

Just a superstition Card

Hi everyone!No,  is not Halloween ... is a new challenge for me.I had a lot of fun with this one! 

What do you know about superstitions? Romanian superstition: When a black cat crosses your path, you must take three steps forward and three steps backward before continuing.*laugh*. Most of the superstitions origins have been lost within the mists of time.
 When I saw that the Cuttlebug Challenge was an easel card I said: OK!is time for some changes! Is so easy to create an easel card and is much more detailed .LOVE IT!
Here's a superstition about crows: To see a single crow is very unlucky! I belive and not in superstitions...but who cares? It's fun!
Take care everyone!Have a great week!


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