17 February 2010

Lollyrot -guest at Cuttlebug Challenge

Last week,my friend Meda(http://handmadebymeda.blogspot.com/) asked me if I want to give an interview for Cuttlebug Challenge.The idea of this interview is a tutorial about how to incorporate cuttlebug die cuts into an oil painting.If you look behind on my blog you will find a tutorial with my painting: Bloody Nightmare.

Click on this blog http://cuttlebugchallenge.blogspot.com/ for more details . Merci Meda!!!

09 February 2010

Work in progress

She is smiling like heaven is down on earth
Sun is shining so bright on her
And all her wishes have finally come true
And her heart is weeping.
This happiness is killing her."Right Here In My Arms" by HIM
Right now I'm listening to this song and of course I eat popcorn,because I m too lazy to eat healthy food =.=
I started to draw for my portfolio because in July I want to go to UNIVERSITY OF ART AND DESIGN IN CLUJ-NAPOCA ,department-illustration / animation.

I m pessimistic at this point but I hope that everything will be fine..you know...exams.. new town...so I started two portraits ( (I need about 20-25 drawings)but I think I have enough time until July to finish the drawings.

more details ...

Final result:

02 February 2010

Bloody Nightmare - Oil painting 30 x 30

Sleeping, cozy and warm.
There’s nothing I can do.It’s like I’m painted,in black and blood.Red dripping from my mouth creating a bloody sea.I’m just a bloody nightmare,the grim reaper of death.
Bloody butterfly are you there to kill me .I can’t see you but somehow I feel you enjoy me in your sight and as I say this final line,you’ll take your final breath.

I know it is not very optimistic this painting as message,but all feelings by last night are represented in this painting.

This is a Selfportrait collage-painting.
This painting is not for sale (yet)because is the first picture of this year...we'll see.



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