Frankie & Pum

If you have followed me for a while now, you would know that we don’t celebrate Halloween where I live. However, I still like to decorate for the season. I’ve recently got an adorable pumpkin candle holder and a ghost candle and I was so happy that I actually named them: Pum and Frankie. My partner laughed at me for actually giving them names, but they really make me smile every time I come home.  So,  today’s card is dedicated to my two cuties: Pum and Frankie.

 I like to use my old stash of supplies to give a new look because I don’t really have Halloween-themed stamps since we don’t really celebrate this holiday.  I’m absolutely in love with how the card has turned out.  As long as Halloween is cute and spooky, it won’t harm anyone.  Whether you celebrate it or not, enjoy the vibe of the season.