30 January 2010

Friday with Meda

Yesterday I had a beautiful and funny day with my friend Meda from http://handmadebymeda.blogspot.com.I was very tired but I enjoyed every moment spent there.I did some shopping with her and then she invited me to her studio work.We made a gift to each other and we did experiments with alcohol ink and stamps. I worked with her cuttlebug and I love it .She's a nice person and really kind.

I love her studio which is very well organized.^__^

She also showed me amazing craft stuff and I can wait to buy a part of them.I forgot to take my favorite card ''Vintage Valentine''( she was so nice and asked me if I want that card:D and of course my answer was : YES!,but I forgot it)
Meda Thanks for all the things you've given to me.

See you soon with new projects. Hugs!

23 January 2010

Paper flower -Video tutorial

''I want to buy you flowers it's such a shame you're a boy'' -Emilie Simon
Hello. I am back as promised with a video tutorial for paper flower that I did a few days ago.You can use a decorative paper, newspaper or book pages.

For the flower I used these dimensions:4cm/3.5cm/3cm/2.5cm.(each piece of paper must be in the form of a square).See you soon with another project.Hugs!

19 January 2010

Paper flower

''Recycle and create!'' Today I remembered that I have an old book with tales for children.I never used it until today, because I have the same tales in other books.I had an idea a few days ago and I thought to put into practice.I wanted to make a paper flower and I did it!

The paper I used is not very thick so I must take care of this.I tried to see what it looks like a brooch, hair clip and shows very well!

On 23 and I'd do a video tutorial for this flower and in that way you will learn how to make your own paper flower.

You do not need expensive things to make this beautiful flower(paper, buttons, glue, thread).


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