30 January 2017

Have lots of fun

Hello ,

I hope you are ready for a new week. Today I have another creation to share. This time, a mini tag. Pretty simple design, but great effect for decorating gifts, party favors, etc... These are super easy to mass produce if you have a MISTI tool.

The MISTI tool will make your stamping go faster and always in the same spot. Your projects will look really professional. I always go through my old stamps, because to be honest I don't like the idea of keeping things I don't use. Mix old and new stamps to create new designs.

I hope you like this mini creation. If you want to follow more about my activities , please follow me on Instagram. Have a wonderful day!


MINI MISTI  http://www.mysweetpetunia.com/product-p/set-of-creative-corners.htm 

28 January 2017

You are amazing

Hello there,

I love making cards, tags and so on. But it's been so long since I made a layout.  A great time and opportunity to use the MEMORY MISTI from My Sweet Petunia. This is  the ''father'' of MISTI. Great for large projects. It will work really nice if you want to stamp onto fabric.

I have a video tutorial on my Youtube channel for this layout. If you want to have a look , please click over here.

 MISTI comes in three different sizes. It's up to you which one works the best for you and your needs. I love all of them. Also, if you don't know the news yet, My Sweet Petunia has some new products. ''Creative corners ''  is one of them. They work really great with any MISTI.

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!



23 January 2017

True magic


I hope you have a good start this week. I have a new card and video to share today. I wasn´t a big fan of glitter a few years ago, but now I like to add a little bit of sparkle here and there. Plus, the new glitter from NUVO, a wonderful line of products from Tonic Studios is really great quality. I love the texture and that you get so much in the bottle.

The NUVO collection works really great with their dies. A great way to add texture to any project. You can find more details about their products over here. If you want to see how I made this card, please check out my Youtube channel

 Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

20 January 2017

Many thanks


How often do you say ''thanks''? I think  is nice to say it when you really mean it and to show some appreciation. If you are not good at words, but still want to say it, you can do it through cards.  I made a mini card, using Whimsy Stamps. supplies. They have really great sentiments and designs and they work just great for any type of occasion.

I used quiet a few supplies from Whimsy Stamps, because I like to mix the old and new designs. In this way I get to experiment and not get bored of the old stuff.

Do you get rid of your old supplies or keep them all and combine with the new ones?  I hope you get inspired to create ''thank you cards''. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


Many Thanks    Hand Stitched Nested Rectangles Jillian and Friends    Card Builder - Hearts of Love

18 January 2017

Focus on the journey

Hello there,

I am back with another card. I think it would be a great Valentine's day card or to give it away to someone that is in love with traveling and exploring new places. I had so much fun making this card. I used some stamps from my stash and with the help of MISTI from My Sweet Petunia, the result is very cute. I like it a lot!

If you don't have many ink pads, but still want to create the ombre effect, use one ink pad and stamp over the first layer. Few more, times using the same ink and you will see the great result. MISTI is super practical for stamping over and over again.


MINI MISTI   It's a Party Enamel Dots 

15 January 2017

Enjoy every moment

Hello ,

I used to collect things in the past : pencils, napkins, rings and so on. But there is a thing I really love and I use it a lot in my room : box. I simply love buying or getting boxes. They are so practical and beautiful in any space.

Why boxes? Another important thing is the packaging. When you give away a gift, you need a beautiful packaging. Tonic Studios has some beautiful dies and you can use them for many projects, including treat boxes, cards and other decorations.

I made a mini card and a mini gift box. Perfect for small gifts. I used ''Tent gift bag '' die from Tonic Studios for both creations.

I love their dies, because they are unique and very practical. If you want to see more products, please visit their website.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

12 January 2017


Hello ,

Let's forget the Christmas cards and get ready for the other fun holidays. I can not wait for Spring and some sunny days. Today I have a new card I made, using supplies from Whimsy Stamps. Oh boy! They have really beautiful designs for everyone! I don't celebrate Valentine's day, but I can use this card for a special person. Plus, who said hearts are just for Valentine's day?

I had so much fun creating the background. So relaxing playing with some watercolors. If you want to know more about Whimsy Stamps and their products, please visit the website.

As always, thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


Hand Stitched Nested Rectangles  Everyday Mini Sentiments   Card Builder - Hearts of Love

08 January 2017

Share a smile

Hello there,

I hope you had a wonderful week. Finally I get to enjoy some snow in my hometown. That's pretty nice, but not that great when you have to deal with -23 C. So, instead I play some nice music and create things.

For today I have a wonderful card. I love it! I used some of my favorite supplies, including MISTI tool from My Sweet Petunia. This stamping tool works great with large background stamps and not only.

Maybe we should share a smile everyday . This wonderful sentiment from Whimsy Stamps is one of my favorites. I know,  I can change someone's life with a smile and you can do it too. Maybe a handmade card and some nice words will do more than a smile.

I hope you  like today's card. Stay safe and thanks for stopping by!


MISTI  Hand Stitched Nested Rectangles Bold Statements 

03 January 2017



Thank you all for the wonderful support in 2016! I can not wait to start this new year with new creations, new opportunities and other fun activities. So, let's start this with a new card I made, using goodies from Tonic Studios. I love the NUVO line. The Glimmer paste is gorgeous. If you want to see more products in this line, please check out their website.

I love the texture of this paste. I don't have other colors, but the ones I used are really beautiful. And for the first time, I used a proper stencil ''Bevelled Diamond'' from Tonic Studios.. Really great quality. I have a video on my Youtube channel. If you want to see how I made the background, please click over here.

If you have questions, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by!

960N_PRODUCT_1000_RGB  Nuvo Glimmer Paste - Black Diamond - 952NNuvo Glimmer Paste - Black Diamond - 952NNuvo Glimmer Paste - Black Diamond - 952NNuvo Glimmer Paste - Garnet Red - 954N 954N_PRODUCT_1000_RGB    952N_PRODUCT_1000_RGB  Essential Stencil - Bevelled Diamond 6x6 - 1476E 

Essential Stencil - Bevelled Diamond 6x6 - 1476E


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