21 August 2010

''Finally together'' / Some things to share

Hello  bloggers!
it's absolutely insane around her...(ok give me 1 sec)
OK! It's time to clean tons of dust in here and share with you all a bit (more) of the amazing  vacation I had ...but first of all I want to thank you  all for your lovely comments!I know, I have been gone for a couple of days(ok...weeks) but now I am back  and I have so many things to share ...
The first thing I want to say is that I am official student...Yep!I will study publicity. Unfortunately I had to give up on my dream.....even if  I passed the most important exam.But next time it will better.
 The second things is....
                                                                (picture taken by Saky)
we are finally together ( live) not only chat.You guys were very curious who is my boyfriend so now you have  the chance  to see some pics of us.Well it all started last year ( April 4 2009)when we had our first conversation on chat and here we are now  , finally together even though he lives in Norway and I in Romania, we're ok with it  because is pure love...even if I am a little devil.
                                                                  (picture taken by Saky)
We spent three wonderful weeks together and can not wait to meet him again on Christmas.
 I am not a big fan of cooking...but I love to cook for loved ones.So I had to try something new.I love Taco! It's so YAMMY!!! I also tried chinese food and lebanese food.Good taste but I prefer something spicy than sweet or salty.
 I can not resist...I love shopping but I 'm in love with home decor stores .So I got some goodies from Moha ( actually his name is Mohammad ) and from Saky.Thank you so much!!! I love everything more than I show (laugh).I did not wanted to take pictures ...so I made a quick video to show you  what I got.

 Saky asked me to do something special for her boyfriend,because it was his birthday.I made some decorations for cupcakes( of course if it s about cupcakes ... then it's my pleasure !) 
Lately we baked the cupcakes and OH MY!

Thank you for taking your time to drop by and visit my blog, I really appreciate!
What do you think about relationships over the internet? 
Do you think internet relationships are fantasy or reality?


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