Thinking of you!

 I’m back today with another card I made in honor of Ukraine. I must admit that being neighbouring countries it makes me a lot more anxious. It pains me seeing the disaster that took over the beautiful country and its people. I was planning at some point to visit Kyiv, but the pandemic happened and now the war… But we have to do our best to be kind and help in any way we can. I think it’s easy to spread hate when you feel angry and hurt, but in times like this we should be closer to one another and to support the ones in need with love. I will always be for PEACE, because nobody deserves to live in terror, fear and pain. Everyone deserves to live a decent life and to feel safe in their homeland or anywhere in this world!

 I put so much love and thought in today’s card. I’ve found an older Tonic Studios kit in my stash which has the perfect dies to create a sunflower. The sunflower is Ukraine's national flower and now is a symbol of solidarity and peace. And I hope for PEACE in the world!


  1. Hoping for peace as well and that you remain safe, I can only imagine how you may feel being on the border there.

    Your cards is beautiful and will most certainly provide some sunshine for the recipient.


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