Remember Why You Started

I remember my beginnings into the paper-crafting world back in 2009. An innocent and curious desire to create handmade paper stationary. I used to spend hours browsing online for more details about this hobby and discovering new tools, tricks and a big crafty community.

 With a few basic tools and with the help of lovely people, I started to gain more confidence to create and to share my work online. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was loving it! The stamps, paper pads, ink pads, embellishments, makers and a lot more. Oh my! So much to learn about! 

Coming from a small town in Romania, where the cardmaking community is almost non-existent, I was looking for ways to make new friends. I came across blogs with monthly challenges, companies looking for new design team members and things started to bloom. I got to try new products, create different projects, have the chance to be part of amazing and less amazing design teams. It was exciting! I was never going for big goals, but for modest ones. One of them was to have my work published in a crafty magazine. It happened! I also worked for a crafty magazine in the UK, which was amazing.

I got to create for great big companies, crafty magazines, meet amazing and talented crafters, but…  I forgot to enjoy.

Crafting and cardmaking for me is a passion, but sometimes when you are working for others, the struggle is real. The deadlines, keeping up with a number of projects and new releases. are just some of the things that made me take a step back and remember why I got started.  

 I recently noticed so many crafters being off for different reasons. Many lost their mojo, interest or they got drained with the deadlines. For many this is a hobby and we don’t always get to earn money from it. Yes, we often get products to create beautiful content, but it takes a lot more time and effort to have a final result.

I used to dream of a small craft room, where I could spend hours creating beautiful things, but after this journey, I realised I didn’t need a big space, cupboards full of crafty materials and tools. I just needed the things I love to work with and to create without any pressure. Especially, without the pressure of deadlines, number of likes, followers...

 It’s okay to change, to try new things, to challenge yourself and to explore the beauty of creativity. I remember now…I remember the reason I got started was because I love it! I will continue to create freely without looking to fit in.

Before I end today's post, I would like to tell you the following; there will be times when you will doubt yourself because of the lack of moral support, feeling like you are not succeeding,  like others on social media and feeling like your work isn't valued. I want you to know that we all go through these uncomfortable down times, but remember,  it’s not only about talent and being passionate.  Once you put your work online, it’s about luck, consistent work,  social media algorithms and patience. Some people will help you grow by giving you feedback and showing your work is valued .But some are just there to watch what you do, without ever saying a word.  Surround yourself with people who criticize you in a way to help you bring the best out of you.

Follow your journey, don’t compare your skills to others and most importantly remember: IT’S  OK TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN YOUR OWN WAY! 

 Love and hugs, 



  1. So beautifully said, my friend! Thanks so much for sharing! 🥰

  2. I love your story!
    Much of your story also agrees with me. I started the same year as you in 2009 with pretty much nothing. Just with a willingness to exchange cards - teach me to do them - and by reading and looking at lots of blogs and pictures. My first ATC I sent was as big as an A4! LOL But she was understanding and gave me all the information I needed. Yes, then I was up and running.

    Have a really nice weekend!
    Sussie in Sweden


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