Handmade Teepee

Hello there,

I like doing things if I can and not buy instead. I want to see if the challenge can be completed and if so,then is a great feeling. I see these teepee tent for kids going on and I even tried to take part of some giveaways,but without any luck. I made it happen! I made one for my neice and nephew and to be honest is really easy to make if you are familiar with the sewing machine.

I like it that is easy to put it up or take it outside to a picnic or garden. Is easy to wash it if it gets dirty and the best thing is seeing my neice and nephew smiling. I like sewing,but I don't always do it and to be honest I do things by eye. I dont like doing them by the exact rules,because I feel more comfortable doing things in my own way and the result is just PERFECT! Having a moment over here : so PROUD OF MYSELF!

Give it a try! Get your sewing machine out and do something fun!
Thanks for stopping by today! Have a lovely day!