Happy 24

Hello blogcreatures,

It was my birthday a few days ago. I never enjoyed celebrating my birthday, but this year I wanted to make it  a bit different. I baked a cake, made croissants, macaroons and a few other things. No, there was no party.

However, I made a cake banner to go with the cake. I used a few scraps and some dies from Whiff of Joy.

Cake banners are really cute and so easy to make, especially if you have lots of scraps.

Products I used. Click images below for details.

More yummy things I made for that day. Really yummy!!

Of course, I must have some birthday selfies!! If you are a happy childish person, you don't need a fancy/big party to enjoy your day!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


  1. The banner looks so cute Maria! And the rest of the sweet things you made I'm sure were amazing ;)) Happy birthday!!!


  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate, baking all your favorite goodies. Everything looks yummy!! I love your selfies too, so awesome!

  3. Looks like your baking skills are up there with your crafting skills. Hope you had a great birthday !
    Corrie x

  4. You are 24 and I am 70, and what I have to say is this: The best is yet to come! ;-) Have a wonderful year, my young friend!


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