Quilt pattern & Wedding Photography

Hello blogcreatures,

I finally got some type to make this blog post. Sorry for not sharing my card for MMCS yesterday! It's been a busy day and you gonna see why. I really want to make a quilt blanket , but I don't think I will be patient enough to actually finish one. So I made a card using  Bohemian Bamboo  paper pack.

Even this card took some time..... But  I'm happy with the final result. You can stop by MMCS to check out the awsome deals and products! If you'd like to make this card and you want / need the quilt pattern design ( made by me) , please let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

Now....Yesterday my friend got married and she asked me to be her wedding photographer! BIG DEAL! This is my first wedding shoot and I must say ....it's pretty ok! I don't have a professional camera but hey... I did it! Enjoy the pictures and let me know if you have any comments!

                               ( me and the bride ....doing her makeup)


  1. Oh wow, awesome wedding pics - very professional indeed. Loving your quilt card as well.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Great card and fabulous wedding pics - love the one of the happy couple walking up the road together, Jo x

  3. Such a lovely job with the wedding pictures! Your friend is so beautiful! all the best!

  4. Beautiful! I think you rocked it! I know the bride and groom are very happy with the results !


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