Fringe Scissors Ideas

Hello blogcreatures,

A few weeks ago I bought my first pair of fringe scissors. I really like scissors and I had to have more! But to be honest I had no idea what I'm gonna use them for. Oh well! I came up with some ideas.
I must say that the broom is my favorite, as well as the grass. I have a video tutorial for all 4. Just click here to watch the tutorial. Also feel free to subscribe for more tutorials. Coming up soon....

I made a card using the same scissors. I got inspired by this awsome curtain.
Let me know if you have any more ideas in the comments below!  


  1. Blogcreatures??? I love that! lol
    Great ideas, Maria! I really like your feathers! Now I need to find some fringe scissors! :o)

    1. Thanks Nancy!!! I got mine from the kitchen section. Really good deal but SUPER HEAVY.


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