When dreams come true

Good morning everyone ,

I have some fantastic news! It finally happened! I am so happy and grateful now that I can finally share the news.

I am featured in.........

(Click Image)
I simply love the magazine , awsome quality, articles and artists! Thank you so much Angela for this amazing opportunity. Thanks Nellie and Ar for the great support! 

Check out my creations at the next pages: 47 and 51. More about this magazine here. THANKS AGAIN!
Have a great weekend!


  1. I bought this magazine for the first time and it was a nice surprise to see you in it :-D

  2. Congrats.... You so deserve it. xx

  3. Fantastic! I knew it wouldn't be too long before you were gracing the pages of a magazine. Congratulations!

  4. fabulous news!! congratulations!! =)
    hugs, SannaS

  5. Congrats Maria! I saw your cards in real this week, they are absolutely stunning as are the published tags! Enjoy I'm sure there is more to come!

  6. Vai ce ma bucur pentru tine! Felicitari!

  7. I enjoyed your article in the AS!!

    Welcome to the club, I'm also in there...


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