15 May 2010

Quick post

Heeey bloggers!It's weekend! *laugh* Rainy day ....perfect for  art, movies and  scrap. Yeah!I can not wait to see the movie Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang.Is a great comedy!Erhm  I have some  work in progress and want to share this with you because I would love to know your opinion.As you know I art and I could say that is my secret diary.I can draw  or create anything I want because I'm my own creator.It's Magic!
All you need is...time,music and inspiration.I can not live without MUSIC! Is my drug!*laugh*

Unfortunately, my bedroom became a creative studio and I don't have enough space. 3 in 1 *laugh*Thank you for dropping by, and have a wonderful day!

1 comment:

  1. Imi place finetea liniilor cu care desenezi. La mine sunt linii apasate sau pete de ciloare.
    Cat despre dormitorul devenit atelier, chiar zilele aste ama gandeam ca am nevoie de un spatiu separat pentru arta.



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