Muddled thoughts


Oh blog.. how I have missed you! Been super busy...(ok!more or less) *laugh*.Do you know the quote: ‘Home is where your heart is’ ? Well I still try to find my  way to a wonderful life.I'm confused, lost ...*laugh*

I am  stressed with college admission...I do not have many I need to take the best decision.I wanted to study animation to Cluj-Napoca( Romania) but  few weeks ago I found out that this profile is  no longer available so I will try to  graphic design... ''Wish me luck!!!''

OK.. so back to the scrapping!I'm preparing some handmade items for sale and soon ... (hopefully) if I have enough time I will publish a small collection of digital stamps .I have already done several projects for my loved ones but can not publish them (yet).

Here 's a new idea * pam pam*  I will add a new category on my blog...and the name of this category will be:''Moments of inspiration'' I will try to post some news and reminders every week ...because I'm sure there are many talented people and I want to share with you all their amazing work and I think the perfect day  for ''Moments of inspiration '' it's Sunday. Ok...bbye now and have a great week!


  1. wow! Mult noroc! Si sora mea e la grafica la Cluj :)... acum e in Franta pt un semestru. Ea e anul 2. Daca vrei poti vb cu ea in ceea ce priveste admiterea... scrie-mi un mail si iti dau id-ul ei.

    Pup si bafta multa!

  2. Graphic design sounds great. You know my opinion... as long as it's art :P
    Looking forward to seeing your new stuff and thoughts.

  3. mult bafta iti doresc
    iti tin pumnii



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