30 September 2010

'' I heard madness '' Card

title by Ar...
I’m popping in to share my  new Halloween card.I know why ''everyone'' likes Tim Burton. But I need you to tell me I'm not crazy ...just different.I scarry stuff. ''You're always a mystery girl'' ( true)
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I would like to use this opportunity to thank Deb for sending this amazing stamped image.The stamps are from "Stampotique"  and the artists are Daniel Torrente and Jill Penny. 
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They look more like quick sketches. Very nice! I really their stamps.
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Check out the video tutorial  and if you have any question please let me know. Thank you for all your comments and for dropping by!

29 September 2010

''Culture and Elegance '' Necklace

   My craft ''space'' is finally back in buisness! I spent all day yesterday to reorganize it and I can't wait to start crafting again!Wait! ....Back to school....Actually University so new changes.dammit!
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 I'm back today with a new project...something different.I love jewelry! So here is my new handmade necklace ...something fancy and ''elegant''.
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My first instinct was to use this beautiful flower made by Deb.Why ''Culture and Elegance''? Well this necklace has different elements ...from different countries/people.The flowers ,bling blings, metal charm ,bird  ( from Deb) the budda charm ( from my boyfriend  Moha) two butterflies( Italy/ Saky) twine( gift bag) so on.Is not very elegant to me but it is very precious.
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Oke gotta go...Thank you for dropping by!

23 September 2010

''Belive in Magic'' Giveaway Winner   


''wow this is awesome!!!! I love the scroll idea! How cool!''

19 September 2010

Thank you Tag & Update

little things...joy and happiness
BoOo!!!! A quick 'share' post on this super lazy Sunday.Sometiems I realise how lucky I am and I think I should not ignore this because they are precious moments. 
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A while ago a new friend of mine sent me an e-mail. (soon you will see why) But I was pleasantly surprised.So Deb here is a tag I made for you .
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I had so so so much fun making it!
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Deb you are a wonderful lady and I hope you like it!
I am an amateur photographer and I self-portraits.
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OK.. better run!Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, I really appreciate it!

14 September 2010

''Belive in Magic '' Card GIVEAWAY *** CLOSED ***

Where is the magic?
I've had so much magic for so long, I thought of throwing out some.You will find the magic , in your thoughts love, creation ,dreams,talent. *(etc).Magic is a natural process of living with conscious intention.Everything is made of energy, and energy is affected by our thoughts and actions.Beleiving in magic is supposed to be a good thing.I ♥ magic and all I need is some practice and patience.
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 Here is my new card.
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I ♥ it and because of that I want to give this card to someone,but before I continue this post I want to thank you so much for all of your nice comments and for watching my video tutorials.Are you a creative person? If the answer is YES then you will understand ....this :
*preparing supplies :  20 min
*design/ idea : 10-15 min
*the process of creation : 25-30 min (card) 1 hour (layout)
*edit/upload video tutorial : 2 hours
*pictures : 20 -35 min
*blog post : 30-40 min
Not waste of time...
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So back to my giveaway.If you want to win this card + three different ribbons/ lace ( really beautiful texture and design I  promise) leave a comment below.Deadline 23 SEPT. 2010.
If you have questions leave me a comment . 
Thank you for dropping by! 
Watch video below/ Watch at YouTube

12 September 2010

Boo Pumpkin Card

A random  kind of day...I've been feeling  a bit lost from ''reality'' .My room is messy.I have paper, die cuts all over the floor and even on my bed.Just because today I had a ''halloween mood''.I ♥ X-mas and Halloween.Both of them are great but Halloween is not a traditional holiday in Romania.If you don't like the rules, then don't belive in reality.Choose the magic!
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I like stealing ....with permission. A few weeks ago I was visiting Saky in Bucharest and she loves stickers( that's the good part) So Saky had no choice .She made the ''ultimate sacrifice'' (kiddin*) I ''stole'' her stickers...Sorry...and ARIGATO!
 “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”Paulo Coelho
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Uh! This pumpkin is angry...but it looks good with all that glitter.
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Just a simple banner made of  Rice paper.If you want to learn how to make this card Check out my video tutorial.
Thank you for dropping by!

08 September 2010

Shabby Chic - Paris Theme

''You know it's love when you want to give joy and damn the consequences'' By Frank Herbert
 Oh Paris...the city of love...Ehrm I don't think so , because Love is everywhere...♥ is in the air ♥ is in the air everywhere I look around ,♥ is in the air every sight and every sound...la la la la.
OK!Back to my  project. It's time to share my  new  tag(more  projects coming soon)
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I am not a fan of Paris, but for this tag I made an exception because it's made for my YT friend Jewel.
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Otherwise it is a surprise for her because she thought it would be something Spooky...Booo!But not this time.( smile*)
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Yay! Today I made a stick pin. I ♥ it.''Le Ballon'' really beautiful design.
 If you  ♥ music , check out  these amazing songs: 
  1. Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets  
  2. Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love
  3. Takida - Curly Sue 
I gotta go. I wish you all a wonderful week filled with lots and lots of creativity!

03 September 2010


BooO bloggers!
( uhhh...what a day ! ) Today I have something different to share with you all.
 What a beautiful and precious camera! I ♥♥♥ it! Is a gift from my brother George.I just have to buy film for it and ready to use it.I photography!I am only an amateur photographer.I art, so... what can I do?I get bored if I m not doing something creative.
 I recently won some scrapbooking supplies and handmade creations.Rreally amazing  things! 
The first prize is from Daniel Askeland: (Norway)
                                                                       ( click  image)
5 amazing tags and 1 BEAUTIFUL card! I really like his cards, very detailed and the color palette is very nice too. 
Goodies ♥!I really like the baby roses!I got Tim Holtz tags( can't wait to use them) and really pretty letter stamps. Thank you Daniel! If you want to know more about Daniel check out his amazing work here.
The second prize is from: Lily Jackson ( US) If you want to see the goodies, check out her Youtube channel.
She's  really talented and I love her handmade flowers so much!
Butterflies a set of 12 pieces (were included in the prize).Thanks a lot guys! 
Wish you all a wonderful weekend.Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! 

01 September 2010

U r Great .Thanks Card

Booo.!!!...Silly mood....

Oh...it's September already...I have no mood for school and ''froggy eyes'' but  I still have three weeks of vacation.I have a ''long'' list of things to do this weekend, the majority of which are craft-related.It's in the middle of the week....and I'm going to scrap soon, but first I want to share my new card.
  I like the color palette! I love the combination of the cool pale turquoise and pink.
I am not the Queen of hearts...but I do love lil' hearts.Like the one that I used it in this picture.
I used my new Lace Border Punch by  Fiskars.I am trying to find vintage buttons ( I love buttons...
, because I really like to use them for my projects ...

Thank you for dropping by!


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