21 March 2012

Are you hungry?

Hello blogcreatures,

I like eating and baking but now I love making miniature food. Are you hungry?
(Click Image)
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Making 1:12 scale miniature food is fun! Making them with polymer clay can be very easy and really cute for a doll house. I'm not into dolls but I can make awsome/fun jewelry using miniature food.

What's your favorite dish? Follow me on my facebook page and leave a comment below if you have any question.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. lol the first picture i was like yummmmm. go down and read it i was like awe. they are the cutest. my daughter would love some for her barbie house. id have to look into trying to make these. they are fabulous!!


  2. Your food is art too! Too pretty to eat, Maria...almost :)

  3. WOW! I would eat those in a minute! When I saw the first picture I was going to ask for the recipe! They look so real! OMGosh! carrot earrings! Love it all! Hugs, Janet

  4. WOW! Dafooook This is amazing

  5. Hey Maria,

    I'm so hungry after seeing your food, but I fear I'll crack my dentures if I eat this.

    Delia x



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