25 November 2011

Resume /Q&A

Hello blogcreatures,

It's friday! I'm taking a short break from bloggin' but I will be back in a week.Thank you so much for commenting, subbing and more.I really appreciate it.
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Christmas Sparkle Series 2011 Resume

It's time for Q&A TIME!
Thank you so much for all your questions!

1.How much time do you spend each day crafting?
Good question!Well I craft almost all day, it depends on what I'm doing.For a card, from 20 mins to 2 hours.For other projects 2-4 hours.

2.Who/what inspires you?
Music, small details, everything. 

3.When did you really start crafting?
I've always  been into crafting since forever but I got more ''scrappyholic'' with scrapbooking in 2009.

4.Do you have a craftroom?
I wish I had one, but no I have a scrap corner in my bedroom.For pictures click here.

5.Do you ever lose your mojo/inspiration?
Yes, that's normal , but I always have new ideas. 

6.Can you please share 3 of your favorite online craft stores?
I really like Panduro, Craft Supplies and Scrapbuck

7.Could you please give me some '' photography'' tips?
All you need is a good camera, white paper( big sheet) ,good lighting, macro for details and a good editing program.I'm using Photoscape.

8.What are you doing for living?
I'm student. I spend most of my time at home with scrap and other stuff.

9.How much do you sell your cards for?
Well I don't sell my cards, but I'm planning to. I would say $4 -$7

10. 5 must have tools/ supplies
Paper, glue gun, stamps, cuttlebug and glitter.

Have a great weekend! Cya


  1. Te quedó hermosa, y muy delicados los detalles, gracias por compartirlos.

  2. Maria, cum cumperi de pe Scrapbuck? ca am incercat acum si nu livreaza in Ro. Thank you



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