07 July 2010

All about memories...sneak peek

The years have passed by so quickly.It's from the past that we learn from our mistakes...that shows us which road to take and why.It's the past that controls us all.Memories. They could be anything. A smell, a taste. Whispered secrets, broken bones. Whatever they become, they make us who we are.
It's in the middle of the week, and it s time for a new project. This new project is called: ''All about memories''.There are many memories that  I do not want to lose them...My first trip to Italy ....sweet memories with my best friend,boyfriend and BN . My favorite place...the river and more.

 Here is the first page. I love Victorian style... beauty and mystery.Unfortunately  I don't have vintage materials , like: buttons, postmarks or fabric.I also  used my new handmade flower. ( this is a  6 x 6 inch layout).
 Maybe I'll add some tags not only layouts.*smile*.
Thank you for dropping by, and I wish you all a wonderful day! 


  1. Zici ca nu ai timbre?
    Pai ar trebui s-ami faci o vizita in acest caz. Eu am o gramada de chestii vintage pe care nu le folosesc.

  2. Your creations are simply stunning.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. The words you used in the intro for this post are great. I can´t wait to see the rest of this All about memories series.

  4. And all that will remain are the memories, the good old days, those moments we'll cherish.



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