07 June 2010

Time of my life Layout /My 20th B-day

Hi all blog readers.
Having a great Monday everyone?  Are you ready for a new Layout?!
Today is my 20th B-day!! (Happy? well Yes and No)Another year, a different day ,just a number,times are changing,life is moving on.I had a great year and  am really lucky  to be here today.It's always hard to know what to feel but it's also hard to know if it's fake or real.I'm thankful for many things!I'm thankful for the love that comes from my boyfriend Moha,I am thankful for the fact that you trust me so much.I'm thankful for my Beautiful Nightmare, talent, family and friends.All I want for my birthday is a picnic but unfortunately I can not have it but I will have cupcakes! YAY!
I made this layout for my birthday ... as a memory.I don't like b-day party so it will be a normal day for me,but ...special.I also bought new scrapbooking supplies : distress ink,cuttlebug embossing folders, alphabet rub-ons, a new butterfly punch and drawing materials: Colour pencils ,paper etc.
Thank you so much for dropping by, and I wish you all a wonderful day! *hugs* 


  1. Gorgeous! You're very talented. So glad I cam across your blog today, feeling very inspired.

  2. happy birthday
    happy birthday
    happy birthday

    si un cantecel pentru tine

    cu drag,

  3. Happy birthday! I've just stumbled upon your blog and so far I really like it! Not only you out your wonderful works, but also you give tips how to make stuff! Love that :) I should do this myself more often, hihi.
    anyways, have a lovely day and I'm pressing the 'follow' button :)
    See ya and greetings from Lithuania.

  4. mmmm ,, rau imi pare ca nu ai primit mesajul nostru :(



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