Bloody Nightmare - Oil painting 30 x 30

Sleeping, cozy and warm.
There’s nothing I can do.It’s like I’m painted,in black and blood.Red dripping from my mouth creating a bloody sea.I’m just a bloody nightmare,the grim reaper of death.
Bloody butterfly are you there to kill me .I can’t see you but somehow I feel you enjoy me in your sight and as I say this final line,you’ll take your final breath.

I know it is not very optimistic this painting as message,but all feelings by last night are represented in this painting.

This is a Selfportrait collage-painting.
This painting is not for sale (yet)because is the first picture of this year...we'll see.



  1. Super ti-a iesit! Chiar ca iti trebuie un Cuttlebug. Abia astept sa-mi fac si eu pictura cu masca neagra si fluturele rosu.:)

  2. este super, daca ar fi sa folosesc cuvinte tari - sfasietor- pentru rosul rupt!


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