28 February 2010

Ready for spring?

''The Springtime is coming''

I'm bored but at the same time happy.I have no idea why..or maybe I know:D hihihiihi.So two days ago I was in a pub with my friends and I found some design magazines and I asked the manager if I can take them home(and the answer was : YES)I have a small collection of home design magazines and I had no idea what to do with it ... until yesterday.My boyfriend Moha(<3u) sent me a notebook few months ago and I decided to use it as a collage of inspiration.(the page that you see in the picture is my favorite)
Even if it is Sunday and the rule says: no work..I don't care what time is ,or place...day.My mother gave me a blue fabric, very nice uhmmm and I made 2 flowers with it.Is very easy to make these flowers.All you need is:fabric,scissors,beads (I used Designer Gallery Perler)thread ,needle and PATIENCE!

25 February 2010

Gifts for Friends

Hello!!What's new?For today I have two new projects: a mini notebook and a mini butterfly painting.I did these projects for two friends: Teo and Robert alias Negru.
Let's start with the Teo's mini notebook.
She asked me to do something special just for her.So I think a girly notebook is perfect for a teenager.
It was easy for me to make this notebook especially because I used pink (one of my favorite colors)For the cover I used: ribbon,decorative paper,glue and letter stickers.The interior was decorated with a pocket for tags and of course paper notes (you can not see this in the picture .. sorry)She also asked me if I can send some stuff of scrapbooking .... so my dear your package is on the way.
Let's move on.... with my friend Robert.Last week Robert told me about a hidden passion....He loves butterflies !!!!!Who does not love butterflies?!?!
Robert was fascinated when he saw my painting ''Bloody Nightmare''so I thought a mini painting would be awesome as a gift.
For this painting I used a ''''new technique''''I added something along the way. I started to put glue on a cardstock,then napkin,white acrylic,black ink digital butterflies...and...SUGAR!!!
I also made a tag and added a message: ''Now you can feel butterflies in your stomach.''

19 February 2010

Because I'' heart '' you!

The idea was to make a masculine card...but... is made for my boyfriend and I m sure that there's no problem if this card came out too ''sweet''. He knows that this card was made with love and this is important.I used a digital picture because I don't have stamps. .

17 February 2010

White flower - elegance and purity

''Natura este in pericol.Protejeaza-o prin creatie!!!!''
I always keep pieces of paper, no matter how small they are,because I try experimenting more with what I already have. Is a benefit for my economy and nature
For this flower I used: Xerox paper, pearls (old necklace ),bling bling and wire.
I wanted to use a nude pink for the flower, especially because I do not really like white,but anyway is just an experiment. Maybe next time I will try crepe paper and glimmer mist.
If you want to learn how to make this flower send me a comment.

Friendship Card

"Friendship without self interest is one of the rare and beautiful things in life."
- James Francis Byrnes
Memories ,memories and again sweet memories.I really miss the old days with my best friend, Saky.Now we have different lifes ,she's student, away in another city, I am still here but one thing remains unchanged : memory.

She's like my sister and I want to see her happy every day.This card is dedicated to you Saky @___@.

I tried to combine my favorite colors and her style.
the image is digital .. so if want it you just tell me and I will send you an email.

Lollyrot -guest at Cuttlebug Challenge

Last week,my friend Meda(http://handmadebymeda.blogspot.com/) asked me if I want to give an interview for Cuttlebug Challenge.The idea of this interview is a tutorial about how to incorporate cuttlebug die cuts into an oil painting.If you look behind on my blog you will find a tutorial with my painting: Bloody Nightmare.

Click on this blog http://cuttlebugchallenge.blogspot.com/ for more details . Merci Meda!!!

13 February 2010


You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop
Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear
(The "CUPPYCAKE" Song by Judianna Castle)

I love cupcakes !!! Few months ago I was in Spain and my breakfast was: cupcake with milk and honey.YAMMY SO SWEET!!!I wanted to eat cupcakes last night but everyone was asleep and I could not cook so I was a little upset about it,so I thought that is not a bad idea to make a fake cupcake.
Cupcakes are cute. Cupcakes look adorable on vintage dishes and display pieces. Cupcakes lend a bit of color, sweetness and nostalgia to a room. But, cupcakes, are messy, mushy and perishable.
Happy Valentine`s Day

10 February 2010

Note wallet

My inspiration for this note wallet was:Kate Von DI love her art, especially because I want a tattoo .... guess what ...: A BUTTERFLY.

I really like the result even if some people have said that is not a nice paper.
So this note wallet has several pockets made of cardstock (you can put tags, credit cards, business cards, notes ...)

09 February 2010

Work in progress

She is smiling like heaven is down on earth
Sun is shining so bright on her
And all her wishes have finally come true
And her heart is weeping.
This happiness is killing her."Right Here In My Arms" by HIM
Right now I'm listening to this song and of course I eat popcorn,because I m too lazy to eat healthy food =.=
I started to draw for my portfolio because in July I want to go to UNIVERSITY OF ART AND DESIGN IN CLUJ-NAPOCA ,department-illustration / animation.

I m pessimistic at this point but I hope that everything will be fine..you know...exams.. new town...so I started two portraits ( (I need about 20-25 drawings)but I think I have enough time until July to finish the drawings.

more details ...

Final result:

06 February 2010

An American Crime (2007)

Last night I watched this great movie until 4:25AM.

Based on a true story that shocked the nation in 1965, the film recounts one of the most shocking crimes ever committed against a single victim. Sylvia and Jennie Fae Likens, the two daughters of traveling carnival workers are left for an extended stay at the Indianapolis (3850 E. New York St. is hardly suburban, nor was it in 1965, by any stretch of the imagination.) home of single mother Gertrude Baniszewski and her six children. Times are tough, and Gertrude's financial needs cause her to make this arrangement before realizing how the burden will push her unstable nature to a breaking point. What transpires in the next three months is both riveting and horrific, leaving one child dead and the rest scarred for life.

My advice is: Do not look If you're afraid of HORROR MOVIES and especially if it comes VIOLENCE!!!
Have a great weekend!!!

05 February 2010

Sweet Angel -Book file

''Fly on my sweet angel''
Hello! I am still tired but the result was worth it.

Yesterday I spent almost 3 hours for this project.It all started with a simple fabric...sorry not only a simple fabric, a super cute fabric with angels.First I made for myself a apron which is very easy to create.So yesterday I started to make an angel and a hair bow clip but when I finished I did not know what to do with it...

***Click on images for larger view***
I already have notebooks and diaries so I made a book file which is perfect for tags and mini cards.


04 February 2010

Lollyrot Tag from Kendalle

Today I have reasons to smile.It's a beautiful day!Today we (me and my boyfriend) celebrate 11 months of relationship,I am lucky to have him in my life(is a wonderful man) and thank you for all the times you had the patience to deal with all my problems and for all the things you've done for me even if I didn't deserve it!(Elsker deg!)
YAY! I got my tag from Kendalle(http://kendalleskreations.blogspot.com)
I love it!!! I love owls and just appreciate what she did for me.Is a nice feeling when you receive something from someone you never met face to face so she also sent me ribbons YAY!Thanks Kendalle,you're sweet.
I noticed a detail on the envelope.

I'm not sure if is a stamp but look how beautiful is the picture.

02 February 2010

Bloody Nightmare - Oil painting 30 x 30

Sleeping, cozy and warm.
There’s nothing I can do.It’s like I’m painted,in black and blood.Red dripping from my mouth creating a bloody sea.I’m just a bloody nightmare,the grim reaper of death.
Bloody butterfly are you there to kill me .I can’t see you but somehow I feel you enjoy me in your sight and as I say this final line,you’ll take your final breath.

I know it is not very optimistic this painting as message,but all feelings by last night are represented in this painting.

This is a Selfportrait collage-painting.
This painting is not for sale (yet)because is the first picture of this year...we'll see.



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