Happy moment

Hello blogcreatures,

Where should I start? Oh well. It's been over two months since I had a good time crafting. I've been traveling in August, as you may know from my blog posts. When  I came back from holiday, I had to take the chance to give a new '' face'' to my bedroom. Not a huge difference or change, but I really had to do it. With a lot of help from my brother, we managed to make my bedroom 70% of what I wanted. I still dream of my own crafty studio.

My bedroom is really small.  I still need to build shelves, buy new carpet and a few other things. My brother is really amazing. He spent the most working on the walls. I just said what I want. Thanks bro'! I also hope to make a custom crafty storage/desk. But until then I will use my old desk.
This is the new blog header. I know I change that a lot, but I really want to show that,this blog is not just about paper crafting. I like doing and creating many other things. So feel free to check out my blog weekly for different projects. And if you enjoy this blog, please share it with your friends. Thanks!

New creations / projects coming up......


  1. Love your new blog header Maria!!! Your room also looks good. XOXO

  2. You are a true "designer," Maria! Great makeover in your bedroom, and super blog banner!

  3. I love your blog header. Style :)

  4. You are so sweet Maria! I love your style and designs. Your reorganized bedroom looks very cozy.



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