03 March 2014


Hello blogcreatures,

In Romania, March is a beautiful busy month. It's not just the beginning of spring but also the celebration of Mărțișor and Mother's day. During March 1st until March the 8th all women get a pendant with a string attached : just like red and white twine. This is the symbol of health and happiness  for the year to come. The days between 1 and 8 are called : Babele ( grannies). For example I want mine to be 7.  If that day is going to be sunny, it means my year is going to be beautiful and lucky. If the weather is dull and rainy, then my year is going to be sad and  unlucky.

Because I don't buy the pendants you find on the market, I decided to make some mini magnets for some feamle friends.  They are cute and perfect for this time of the year. 

Here you can watch a short video of me , making the magnets. Hope you like this quick blog post! Have a wonderful day!

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