06 June 2013

Clay Plate

Hello blogcreatures,

I always get the best ideas at night , before I go to sleep. My plan was to make a small plate for my most used jewelry. Oh well , but how to?! I bought some clay and I finally decided to make something. But how can you make a ''perfect'' plate without using the pottery tools. I never plan, sketch my creations. I just do it. If the result is great then I'm really happy. If not ...this is life!

I know, it's no perfect and I really love it! It's mine! I made it so that makes me really proud. Below you can see a quick tutorial on how I made this plate.
All I used: a big mug , clay , plastic foil, water, cutter and a brush. If I can do it, then you can do it! Have a great day!


  1. Hello Maria! Congratulations on your first clay creation! It's always fun to try something new! :)

  2. Oh it *is* perfect, it's fabulous.

  3. hi Maria! just had to pop in over here and tell you I love this :)

  4. The same as Jane for me Maria, I just love your plate !! But I ask me something: fid you realize the embellishments after the plate (i.e. when dry), or during the same process ?.. I'm curious to know, since I'd like to try something like that myself one day ! Great !! :)

    1. Hei Coco,

      I did that after the plate was almost dry. You can do it after is full dry by adding a drop of water to make it stick onto the plate. I used ceramic clay.

  5. Love this..... I keep coming back to it so I thought I would let you know that you are amazing.



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