Hello blogcreatures,

Today I finally feel like doing something creative ( well more or less). I made some more necklaces for my breslo shop . Not fancy ones, pretty simple and cute. I also got some new jewelry from Etsy ( Thanks A!). I can never have enough rings.

My new handmade necklaces:
(Click Image)
(Click Image) hungry when I see this necklace! 
 (Click Image)
I can not wait to wear these treasures!  I really like the owl necklace but I had to add some bling bling. It was too plain , but now it looks just perfect. 
That's all for today! If you have questions, please leave a comment below!  Have a great weekend !


  1. Love Love all of these creations...

  2. The owl necklace is beautiful!! Love it :)

  3. wow .. maria u r just great! n i love the spooky things u created! ahah theres a myth on romania tht vampires live in romania and translvania!!
    what r ur thoughts on that!?
    xD maya <3


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