18 January 2011

Chess ♥ Blending Tool

Hello blogcreatures!

“I don't believe in psychology. I believe in good moves”(Bobby Fischer)
Chess game?! I don't even know how to play it! I always want to buy cute stuff, but there's always a limit.I wanted to buy a blending tool, but then I realised that I don't want this anymore. So I came up with this idea...
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 Who said chess pieces are only good for the game? I had so much fun creating my ''handmade'' blending tool.
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If you don't have patience to make your own blending tool, then you can  buy online or from your local craft store. 
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You know...the grunge, vintage and distressed look seem to have always been “in style” and this tool is just perfect for your inkpads, paint, etc.You can also cut the applicator to smaller pieces if you want to ink up smaller surfaces or ink with more control.It's up to you!
Watch video below.


  1. how awesome are these!!?? i dont even play chess and i love em ;)

    wicked fun!!

  2. I love these - they look so cute. What is the material you used from out of the packet please?

  3. I really like your idea to re-cycle the chess pieces! Ingenious! SOOOOOOO glad you've joined the Stampotique team!

  4. Absolute quality i love them and am definitely going to make a set for myself :D
    Thanks so much for sharing :D

  5. Thank you! Totally awesome idea...now I'll make some and won't have to worry about my Tim Holtz brushes being "taken" at art class...everyone will know my blending brushes!

    Fantastic idea, again, thank you for sharing. Gina G in Springfield, IL

  6. Wow how super I have the same question as Neet, what is the material you used Out of the packet
    Gr Petra



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