03 September 2010


BooO bloggers!
( uhhh...what a day ! ) Today I have something different to share with you all.
 What a beautiful and precious camera! I ♥♥♥ it! Is a gift from my brother George.I just have to buy film for it and ready to use it.I photography!I am only an amateur photographer.I art, so... what can I do?I get bored if I m not doing something creative.
 I recently won some scrapbooking supplies and handmade creations.Rreally amazing  things! 
The first prize is from Daniel Askeland: (Norway)
                                                                       ( click  image)
5 amazing tags and 1 BEAUTIFUL card! I really like his cards, very detailed and the color palette is very nice too. 
Goodies ♥!I really like the baby roses!I got Tim Holtz tags( can't wait to use them) and really pretty letter stamps. Thank you Daniel! If you want to know more about Daniel check out his amazing work here.
The second prize is from: Lily Jackson ( US) If you want to see the goodies, check out her Youtube channel.
She's  really talented and I love her handmade flowers so much!
Butterflies a set of 12 pieces (were included in the prize).Thanks a lot guys! 
Wish you all a wonderful weekend.Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! 

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