14 September 2010

''Belive in Magic '' Card GIVEAWAY *** CLOSED ***

Where is the magic?
I've had so much magic for so long, I thought of throwing out some.You will find the magic , in your thoughts love, creation ,dreams,talent. *(etc).Magic is a natural process of living with conscious intention.Everything is made of energy, and energy is affected by our thoughts and actions.Beleiving in magic is supposed to be a good thing.I ♥ magic and all I need is some practice and patience.
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 Here is my new card.
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I ♥ it and because of that I want to give this card to someone,but before I continue this post I want to thank you so much for all of your nice comments and for watching my video tutorials.Are you a creative person? If the answer is YES then you will understand ....this :
*preparing supplies :  20 min
*design/ idea : 10-15 min
*the process of creation : 25-30 min (card) 1 hour (layout)
*edit/upload video tutorial : 2 hours
*pictures : 20 -35 min
*blog post : 30-40 min
Not waste of time...
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So back to my giveaway.If you want to win this card + three different ribbons/ lace ( really beautiful texture and design I  promise) leave a comment below.Deadline 23 SEPT. 2010.
If you have questions leave me a comment . 
Thank you for dropping by! 
Watch video below/ Watch at YouTube


  1. I Love Your Design!! Beautiful!!!The Alice Papers from G45 are one of my Favorites Too!!! Magical!!!!

  2. i love this carddddddd its beautiful and it would be perfect for my little bitty sis in law she will be 2 years old this halloween pick me pick me

  3. Da te-ai pus pe shabby chic nu gluma!
    Si palarierul din Alice in Tara minunilor! La moda rau :)

  4. i think that when reality doesn't work out it's up to magic to solve things up.
    i love that little parchment :)
    great card

  5. Careful what you wish for!

  6. Hi Lollyrot What a great and fun card ! Love the parchment idea and the bat is so cute.



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