24 August 2010

''A sanctuary from cold reality'' Card

''Memories are moments we never treasured.Memories are like broken shards of a double sided mirror.''

Boo bloggers!
The last weeks has been a bit crazy for me,but sooo damn beautiful! Now it's time for another NEW card I made yesterday.Few days ago .. (or weeks ... I can not remember) I did an experiment with Photoshop.Yes,I do not have patience for it but is really good when you don't have enough stamps.You can create your own design and that's perfect. 
And here is my card:
Uhh! I LOVE IT! My inspiration for this card was: Orpahn .If you like horror movies, then you must watch this movie.It's not really so spooky,but I  like it a lot!
From another angle...
 I like the color palette...I did not want to add more details on the card because the image is already detailed.
 I tried to do something different for this card. A cute letter writing paper .
 Check out my video tutorial for this card! 
A sanctuary from cold reality Card 1st PART 
 A sanctuary from cold reality Card PART 2

 Thank you for dropping by everyone, I appreciate you all so much!


  1. Love the project!

    And I love you tutorials, the song you use go so great with your projects! ;P


  2. I like this card too. Love Halloween and Gothic. So cool.

  3. Bai, thanks a bunch for the compliment.
    I've been checking out your vids; great job you are doing, you're a wild soul, wiiild, yarr!

    Lovely in every single way.

    P.S.: Chiar ma bucur pentru faptul ca you and your boyfriend met si ca all is fine, and you are in loveeee right now.

    So, be hearing from you.




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