23 July 2010

Memories....Welcome to hell !

Hei Bloggers!
I keep worrying about things and instead of relaxing on my day off I just go over and over everything in my head... Good job, crafting room is always so welcoming and I can find my refuge there. I don't like tea or coffee only hot chocolate. I got this cute teapot from  Saky as a gift for my bday. Really good inspiration for  my projects( I LOVE PINK!)
Here is a notebook I made for Saky.''All of my memories keep you near.In silent moments imagine you IN here.All of my memories keep you near.IN silent whispers, silent tears.'' - W.T Memories.When it comes about Saky the most important details are: photography, nature,green,memories and writer. It  was quite easy for me to do this notebook,because I already know what she likes.
 I have realised that making cards for men is not that difficult! the only thing is - keep it simple!But I do not really like simple things.

Yup this is a Surprise Pop-Up Card.I love it!I made this ''crazy'' card for my boyfriend.He'll be coming to visit me next week so I made him  this welcome card.Have you ever thought to use a spoon to decorate a card?Well I did it this time and maybe  I will  make a necklace using a spoon,I am sure will be fun.

Finally ,you can buy : bookmarks, cards,post-it notes ... more to come soon.
 I do not have a bank account....YET! but soon I will make one.
Thank you everyone for dropping by my blog, I really appreciate your visit. Wish you a great day and all the best for the weekend!


  1. Your Spoon welcome card is AMAZING!!!!
    NO, I never though about using a spoon.... but, I am heading to the kitchen now. hahahahahah

    I am impressed!!! very talented...
    My friend is moving to a new apartment, maybe |I´ll make a welcome card to her... but not with the skulls... hahaha I am more vintage and shabby-chic style!!!

    Once again.. wonderful job!

  2. Oh!I really say that cute teapot design looking so interesting and so mind blowing, I must purchase this one with paying rising price.

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