21 May 2010

How I store my ribbon

Hi!I had a wonderful week and I must say I am very lucky.I got almost everything I wanted and that makes me happy and optimistic.My old phone is fixed( YAY! can't live without it... or my pc) 
 Yesterday I bought new ribbon and  buttons.My ribbon is really messy..I have small pieces and it is hard for me to choose the one I want.So I came up with a solution.My boyfriend sent me a beautiful notebook  and  is quite empty .Is good to have a sample of ribbon if you go shopping .
I cut a small piece of ribbon and I stuck it in the notebook.In this way I know exactly what I want to buy. I added a name for each ...just for fun. *laugh*
 I'm using a jar for small pieces of ribbon.Actually I need a bigger one *laugh*.If you want you can use a shoe box...metal box,anything you like.I have more ribbon but  that is stored on a roll.
Q & A

 How do I make my ribbon stiffer?
 Use a spray starch, them steam iron it. 
 How can I color my ribbon? 
  You can use a permanent cloth-type felt marking pen,glimmer mist,watercolor,food coloring etc...
 How do I keep my ribbon from having a wave shape?
Alternate your winding procedure, from one side to the next. By storing it in an empty container, instead of tying it with an elastic band, you will also diminish this effect.
  Have a great day!


  1. E dragut caietul! Si ce imi place cand recunosc chestii de la mine folosite in mod creativ la tine :)!

  2. Thanks for the tips :D the notebook idea is brilliant. Have a nice weekend :D



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