28 February 2010

Ready for spring?

''The Springtime is coming''

I'm bored but at the same time happy.I have no idea why..or maybe I know:D hihihiihi.So two days ago I was in a pub with my friends and I found some design magazines and I asked the manager if I can take them home(and the answer was : YES)I have a small collection of home design magazines and I had no idea what to do with it ... until yesterday.My boyfriend Moha(<3u) sent me a notebook few months ago and I decided to use it as a collage of inspiration.(the page that you see in the picture is my favorite)
Even if it is Sunday and the rule says: no work..I don't care what time is ,or place...day.My mother gave me a blue fabric, very nice uhmmm and I made 2 flowers with it.Is very easy to make these flowers.All you need is:fabric,scissors,beads (I used Designer Gallery Perler)thread ,needle and PATIENCE!


  1. Superbe florile!
    Si eu ma gandeam zilele aseta sa vad ce bluze din alea demodate de matase gasesc prin dulapul mamei sa fac flori din ele :)
    Imi place caietul tau. Incepusem si eu ceva de genul, dar nu mi-a placut rezultatul si l-am abandonat.

  2. wow those blue flowers look beautiful.

  3. marginile florii sunt arse cumva ? pe mine ma fascineaza maodelul asta ;; e ff reusit



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