25 February 2010

Gifts for Friends

Hello!!What's new?For today I have two new projects: a mini notebook and a mini butterfly painting.I did these projects for two friends: Teo and Robert alias Negru.
Let's start with the Teo's mini notebook.
She asked me to do something special just for her.So I think a girly notebook is perfect for a teenager.
It was easy for me to make this notebook especially because I used pink (one of my favorite colors)For the cover I used: ribbon,decorative paper,glue and letter stickers.The interior was decorated with a pocket for tags and of course paper notes (you can not see this in the picture .. sorry)She also asked me if I can send some stuff of scrapbooking .... so my dear your package is on the way.
Let's move on.... with my friend Robert.Last week Robert told me about a hidden passion....He loves butterflies !!!!!Who does not love butterflies?!?!
Robert was fascinated when he saw my painting ''Bloody Nightmare''so I thought a mini painting would be awesome as a gift.
For this painting I used a ''''new technique''''I added something along the way. I started to put glue on a cardstock,then napkin,white acrylic,black ink digital butterflies...and...SUGAR!!!
I also made a tag and added a message: ''Now you can feel butterflies in your stomach.''


  1. interesanta pictura cu fluturasi. acelasi efect in relief il poti obtine cu o pasta care asa se si numeste pasta in relief. o poti aplica cu spatula sau cu pensula, de preferat e spatula, si o poti nivela sau ii poti da anumite efecte de volum. caut-o si incearc-o! ai mari satisfactii cu ea. mai ales ca se poate aplica pe orice suport. carton, plastic, lemn, metal.
    oricum interesanta pictura ta!

  2. both gifts are very nice...the notebook is really cute and the painting cool ! sugar..mmm never have thought of that ! have a nice weekend !

  3. Foaret dragut. Multumesc ca sustii "proiectul" Balck Butterfly :P (sa nu fiu singura care face fluturi negri)



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